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Ella Lifestyle Timber, composite and aluminium Venetians are essentially rotating horizontal strips that are designed and supplied with a cord tilt and a cord control to raise and/or lower the blind. They are one of the most popular choices due to their sleek finish and versatility. They provide the freedom you need to create a stunning effect in any environment.


Venetians are ideal for controlling day light whilst maintaining your privacy; and they enable you to redirect or reduce incoming sunlight. By tilting the blade you can adjust direct light in the direction you desire.


This allows you to control optimal light and glare control, without blocking your view to the outside. They come in some popular painted colours, timber styles and sizes to suit your home or office. The composite quality product is extremely durable. The composite product in a painted finish is a popular alternative due to the high standard of finish and will withstand humidity, heat and UV light, ensuring the blind retains its colour and finish throughout its working life, making it ideal in humid or wet applications like bathrooms and kitchens.