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Ella Lifestyle Roller Blinds are of a premium commercial grade quality. They are made by perfectly aligning your choice of fabric to an aluminium tube – we use a minimum of a 43mm tube and a 49mm heavy duty tube for larger widths which is a higher standard to reduce bowing. Using the highest quality winder and a chrome chain or plastic chain you can raise or lower in one smooth motion. They are simple, effective and economical.


The chain drive system is unique. It’s modern design reduces light gaps and has a smoother operation. There are two brackets: one chain drive bracket and one pin end bracket. The chain drive bracket is the side where you operate the roller blind with either a chain or a motor which is inside the tube. On larger widths we also include a spring assist mechanism, that enables the blind to be lighter and increases the capacity of the chain control by three times. All Roller Blinds come with a heavy duty commercial grade aluminium baserail, which acts as a weight and enhances the control of the blind. Roller Blinds have three fabric options: Blockout, light filtering and sunscreen and are often combined to give optimum results.