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The ELLA LIFESTYLE GRACE ZR is a unique sunshade solution. It has two posts which are anchored to the ground which holds and stabilises the awning without the need of wall mounting. The freestanding double awning provides a very large area of shade. As there are no middle posts to get in the way, the space under the awning can be used to the best effect. The Grace ZR sunshade is very versatile and can be used in many applications from small compact courtyards to alfresco spaces that require a large covering. The stable folding arms simultaneously extend out both sides via a manual or motorised control system. The fabric and folding arms are well protected increasing the life span of the product. It is supplied with the unique WeatherMax fabric.



Both the GRACE ZR AWNING and GRACE ZR SUNSHADE use WeatherMax fabric. WeatherMax offers super high strength, durability, long-term colour retention, a higher water repellence and excellent breathability. WeatherMax always maintains a sophisticated appearance and never exhibits unsightly sagging from age, rain or exposure. The HydroMax finish means no coatings for a cleaner environment and an excellent breathable fabric, for outstanding mold and mildew resistance.