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The ELLA LIFESTYLE GRACE ZR Folding Arm Awning system is our premium semi cassette awning made in Spain and assembled in Australia. It is available in manual or motorised operations. The GRACE ZR is a fully made to measure product and it meets our high standards of quality, workmanship and reliability.  It is supplied with a WeatherMax fabric whereas most awnings will be sold with an acrylic type fabric that is not only heavy, it will run and crease over time, and the acrylic also needs to be stitched.



Both the GRACE ZR AWNING and GRACE ZR SUNSHADE use WeatherMax fabric. WeatherMax offers super high strength, durability, long-term colour retention, a higher water repellence and excellent breathability. WeatherMax always maintains a sophisticated appearance and never exhibits unsightly sagging from age, rain or exposure. The HydroMax finish means no coatings for a cleaner environment and an excellent breathable fabric, for outstanding mold and mildew resistance.