Ella Lifestyle - Premium Window Coverings And Lifestyle Products | EXTERIOR VENETIAN BLINDS
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Ella Lifestyle exterior aluminium venetian blinds offer a unique solution. The modern and streamlined aesthetic look compliments most homes. They provide privacy screening coupled with the added benefit of light and temperature control (via positioning of the venetian blind blades), and can deliver considerable savings in energy costs for cooling/heating of the spaces they cover. Ella Lifestyle external venetian blinds can also provide effective protection from external noise entering the inner space. All venetian blind blades are connected to and controlled by polyester ‘ladders’. These blades are secured to the ladders with a retainer system. To secure and guide the blades up and down when being raised and lowered, there are options of either side guides or side tension cables. The external venetian blades sizes vary from 65mm – 90mm and can be controlled by crank handle or by electric motor.